Phone chat numbers fetish freak Robyn

phone chat numbersPhone chat numbers are a way or you to get the fetish whore of your choosing. I was chosen once. Chosen to be a slave. A sex slave. I was put in training young. All the kinky shit you would expect for a full blown submissive slave. I never even knew my own family had set me up. A c on my report card got me tied to the kitchen chair once. I was smacked across the face and told what a pathetic imbecile I was. I had no brains and would never find a man who would want me. As I was tied to the hard back kitchen chair, my father used the kitchen shears to cut off my school uniform. He paid close attention to my stockings and released only my feet. I can still remember the rope gong around my ankles and how he caressed every toe and the pads of my feet. My vagina clamped tight as I squeezed my legs. My nipples began to tingle as well. What I didn’t understand then was my father had a foot fetish, and I had very sensitive feet and toes. I came to understand that even in bondage and submitting to a man’s cock needs there are different things to turn on different masters. See these phone chat lines cater to me with varying fetishes, and I just so happen to be the submissive whore with sensitive cute feet that loves being tied up and told what to do! I wish to be you cum servant and take your loads on my toes!

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