Phone Chat Lines For Sissies

phone chat numbersPhone chat numbers are best spent with a mistress to guide you. A firm demanding, sometimes harsh hot sexy woman to degrade and humiliate and mold you into the most obedient sissy ever. I love taking you to the salon and removing all that hair from your body. A slick chest, back, legs and most importantly your man pussy and tiny cocktail size wiener. I slap a cock cage on you and tease you. Watching as your little thing struggles to break free. Little cummies drip from your carrot and I laugh hysterically at you. You really are pathetic. However, I haven’t broken you just yet. Let’s put on some shemale porn and have a marathon. The only rules being that any cummies that come from your little clitty you must devour. Every last drop. You try to resist but I pull out the paddle. Not wanting your little hard button cock to be beat you conform, just as I knew you would. You are a mess now sissy. Trying to contain your little hard on and struggling to eat your cummies, but I have something else in mind now. A knock on the door and in walks a big, tall thick black man. He eyes you and starts unbuttoning his pants. I put you on your knees and tell you to please him and don’t disappoint me. Would you, do it? Give my phone chat lines a ring and tell me how much you want it.

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