Phone Chat Lines for Sissies

phone chat linesPhone chat lines for sissies are found here. I am a sissy mom. I love being a sissy mom. I am never amazed at how many sissies are out there. I talk to new sissies, sissy wannabes and seasoned sissies. I love all sissies. My favorite sissies are new sissies. They need training. I love taking them shopping and helping them dress. I also love teaching them how to take cock in their mouths and back door pussies. A sissy needs a trainer. My sissy sons never knew what to wear or how to please a cock. Then didn’t know how to use their back door pussies either. That is where a mommy sissy trainer comes in handy. I dressed them for their body type. I gave them make-up lessons. I showed them how mommy takes cock. Now they are full-fledged sissies. You can make the move from newbie or wannabe to seasoned sissy too. You just need the right sissy trainer. That is what my phone chat numbers are for!

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