Phone Chat Lines for Therapy and Addiction

phone chat linesPhone chat lines are the best kind of therapy you can get. Better and cheaper than any therapist. Cheaper because we are $2 a min and offer specials. Better because we do not want to cure you. But do not come to me for your porn or phone bone addiction. I will not cure you. I will take you deeper down that rabbit hole. It is in my financial best interest to keep you calling. Yet every day, I have some loser instant messaging me that this is ruining his relationship like he thinks I am not going to encourage his addiction further. Well, that is just stupid thinking on the guy’s part. I mean I am a phone sex therapist. I am in the business of making money and having fun. Having fun to me is draining your wallet. I am a dominant woman. And with that comes financial domination. I do not want to cure you of any sex related addiction. Not wise of me. In fact, I want you addicted to me. I am smart, sexy and I am addictive. Most guys are not worthy enough to spit shine my shoes. I bet you are not either. So, if you call my phone lines expecting to be cured, be prepared for a financial domination phone sex addiction that will take you down that rabbit hole.

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