phone chat lines got my brother in trouble :)

phone chat lines

My daddy was very upset when he saw the phone bill. He had initially thought that I ran up the statement calling cheap phone chat lines, but in reality, it was my brother, and I kind of liked the fact that he was getting in trouble for it. It wasn’t a large chunk of money at all it was pretty cheap and lots of fun. I know this because my brother did not leave the room for over two weeks he was busy jerking it off and having fun talking to randoms on the phone. I am one nosy girl, so I even saw one of those hot whores ended up coming over for some fun with my brother. I got a little jealous, so I started to rub my pussy and think about all the things they were probably doing to each other. It didn’t take long for another hot whore to come along, and my brother is having a nice threesome in the room next door to me.

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