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Phone Chat lines

Holy moley BBW fuck sluts! I never thought I could have so much fun in my life. That was until I met Viv. She is such a kinky fucking goddess and I love it. Viv called me over and said that she wanted to have some summer fun. I have no idea why I thought that meant that we were going to lounge around the pool. I was wrong as usual, Viv never seizes to amaze me. She instead had a giant cock ready to give us both a cooling squirt from his yogurt slinger. He was a hot fucker too. Viv made sure to get me hot, throwing me onto the couch and licking all over my chubby ass cunt. She knew how to work it, and there was no doubt about that.

Phone chat numbers I moaned and grabbed at my big ass tits as our phone chat numbers friend joined me at the front of my face. He shoved his cock into the back of my throat making me gag on how big his Johnson was. Viv smirked and reached up squeezing my nipples between her fingers. He flipped to the back of her plowing her box like he was packing for a last minute move. I loved listening to Viv scream out for him to fuck her harder. Viv was such a horny slut and I loved it. When she hovered my face I moved my tongue into her chunky twat, slurping at all of her juices. She whimpered and then so did I as out horn ball thrusted into my puss next. When he came he showered us all over with his cum. We licked each other’s faces clean of his cum. Giggling and fingering each other we finished ourselves off. I love my Viv bitch, she is so fucking sexy.

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