Phone Chat Lines Love My Cousin Play

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Please tell me that there is something sexier than getting some phone chat lines with sexy incest fun. There is not, I have checked! It is not very often that my cousin gets to come over but when she does we make sure to have lots of lesbian phone chat fun. She does not know it but I always make sure that my PaPa can watch too! Sometimes he even records it so we can watch it together when I fuck his big beef stick. 

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I love my PaPa’s man cookie, and everyone who knows me knows that. But there is nothing better then sliding my tongue around the slippery surface of a wet pussy. When my cousin take my nipples into her mouth she always makes me gush my panties until they are soaking wet. After she slips my clothes off she plays with my cunt till I squirt for her. She is the absolute best cousin ever! 

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