Phone chat lines make you want to feel your fantasy

phone chat lines

So you want to call phone chat lines and jerk your cock. That’s all cool and awesome, but you have to know that we phone girls love to explore the hot dirty fun you can only dream about and wish it were true.

You can escape to paradise when you end up having fun with one of us. Listen to your desires and follow up by dialing my number. We will delve so deep you will also be introduced to a series of exciting fetishes you had no clue you had.

When I play with Mr scruffs, he loves to act like a four-legged friend. I love to tell him to bark, get the peanut butter, and lick it to its entirety.

A certain level of deliciousness comes out of your cock that you can eat up and enjoy this wild fantasy./ Mr scruffs love to be addressed as Mr. Scruff and Mr. Scruffs only.

I like to bring that fantasy alive, even if that makes me roleplay as Mrs. scruffs. Whatever gets you off, know that we will make it come alive in roleplay.

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