Phone Chat Lines Might Get You Castrated if You Don’t Play By My Rules

phone chat linesMy phone chat lines are not for the faint of heart. Trust me. If you want boring GFE vanilla sex, walk away from me. I specialize in castration. Yes, you read that right. I love to take a man’s balls just for looking at me twice. And I have done it. Some men pay me to castrate them in person. My ad on the dark net as an accomplice or sadistic keeps men coming to me for various things, but mostly castration.

Jeremy got on my last nerve Friday night. Some yuppie guy who walked into a Goth bar and thought he would fit right in. He tried to buy me a drink and I rebuffed him. Just like I do men who call my phonesex lines and talk to me like I am their girlfriend. Not happening. I am not the sort of girl you call baby. Unless you want to lose your balls.

Although I gave Jeremy a few warnings, he kept trying to hook up. Then when I said no for the last time, he insulted me. But if I took his balls, I would take away the proclivity for hitting on every woman he laid eyes on. So, I led him into the bathroom where I could seduce him. Who am I kidding. I did not lay a hand on him. However, my knife did. I left him bleeding in the bathroom. Now, Jeremey appears to be a dickless loser. But a neutered dog behaves so much better.

Maybe you can be neutered next.

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