Phone chat Lines sissy training Mistress Zoey

Phone chat Lines sissy training Mistress Zoey has a tale for you! Men love strong women to tell them they’re freaks for having the smallest Pencil dick. Let me tell you how a young schoolgirl mistress can have any man begging for my humiliation and punishment. Zoey is going to make you into my femme boy slave.Phone chat numbersMy new Lover is a young school boy, still in high school, and he is absolutely obsessed with me. The thought of me making him have sex with another man, humiliating him and using him as my personal sex toy, is enough to make him want to beg for my mercy.
 He is just a timid teenager, barely 18 years old, with a penis so small that he could barely stand to look at it. But there was something about him that spoke to me, something that told me he would be an excellent candidate for my Sissy Girl training.

I took him under my wing and showed him how to satisfy a woman like me. I taught him how to pleasure me with his mouth, his hands, and even his dick could be used if he had a penis extension. But he doesn’t get to penetrate anything other than a cock cage mostly!

Phone chat Lines sissy training Mistress Zoey

For weeks, I had trained him to become the perfect sissy boy like the bitches who call my Phone chat numbers!

I put him through my rigorous routine of wearing makeup, high heels, and lingerie. He became more obedient and submissive with each day!
One night, I decided it was time to take our training to the next level. I dressed in my most seductive outfit. My Bitch stood before me, dressed in his sissy wear, with his penis secured in his tight cage. He looks like a living, breathing fuck doll.

I had arranged everything for the perfect humiliation session. In My room, on the bed, lay a young man, barely older than my sissy boy, with an erect, huge BBC.

I instructed my sissy boy to get on his knees worshiping the black cock. He hesitates for a moment, the thought of it making him squeamish, but I could see the lust building up in his eyes. He took a deep breath to suck on the huge BBC! Oh how his lips wrapped around the shaft as he bobbed his head back and forth. My sissy humiliation training has paid off!

Meanwhile, I undressed and walked over to the young black man on the bed. Mistress Z began to toy with his BIG Black young cock, pinching his nipples and running my fingers over his smooth Skinny chest.

“You know what you’re here for,” I whispered into his ear, my voice low and sultry. “You’re here to serve me and my Panty boy phone sex sissy, get on that BBC now!

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