Phone Chat Lines With Sexy Mommy’s

phone chat linesYou know what phone chat numbers have? Sexy horny milf’s just waiting to play with you. The other night my phone rang andjust the sound of his jerking when I answered I knew this was going to be hot. By the time we processed and started my panties were soaking and I was in full slut mode. He was a demanding dude and was full of demands for mommy.

Mommy did not disappoint, and I happily pulled out two dildos, just like he asked. He listened as I took them down my throat making them wet. Then I pushed the first one up my cunt and deep throated the other. After it was wet and ready, I lifted myself and slowly pushed it into my tight asshole.

He jerked harder as he heard me take them both deep. I moaned as I consumed them. Then I fucked myself with the dildo in my pussy. I was moaning and masturbating, and he was moaning and stroking. I rubbed my clit as he told me what he would do to me if he was here. My asshole tightened as I came on the head of the dildo in my pussy. If you called my phone chat lines, what would you ask me to do?

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