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Phone Chat NumbersI like to get nasty when you call my Phone Chat number. I want to hear you cum hearing all about my nasty ways. You come home from school and I am dressed like this on the couch. You are embarrassed but also a horny teenager with a boner growing in your pants. You ask me what I am doing, I don’t answer but instead tap the couch next to me for you to come sit down. You are being awkward because you don’t know what to expect. You are wondering if you are dreaming. Your eyes glued to my big mommy tits. I take your hand and place it on my tits. I tell you to squeeze and massage my tit. I take your other hand and put it on my panties. You can feel the heat of my cunt rising and that boner of yours is getting bigger. You try to stutter out the words should we be doing this mommy and I whisper softly in your ear everything will be ok. You start to relax. You are going harder on my titty and rubbing my wet cunt. I take your dick out and start stroking you. Long hard strokes up and down your shaft. Your moans pierce thru my ears and I know it is time. I lay one leg on either side of you and pull my panties off. My wet mommy pussy staring you right in your face. I spread open my lips with my fingers pointing out my clit to you. I tell you to lick and suck at my clit. I arch my back up as I feel you begin to twirl your tongue around my clit. I giggle realizing this is not your first time having a nice juicy cunt in your mouth to play with. You are making me feel so fucking good I need your teen cock inside of me now. Call my Phone chat lines so we can finish this.

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