Phone chat numbers

phone chat numbers

My brother decided to pick me up for lunch since I mentioned that I missed him. Once he arrived at my place he was shocked to see what I was wearing! He couldn’t help but turn red and act all shy since I left very little to the imagination .I wore a see through black shirt that just showed off my nice tits and a nice little skirt that ran really high exposing my ass cheeks from the back.

I kissed my brother on the cheek and told him how excited I was about this lunch date. While he drove I kept noticing that in the corner of his eye he kept glancing at me in a sneaky way. He was looking at me up and down and his erection was impressive.

My brother stuttered when asking me if I had a place in mind and I just smile and said ” I prefer to have desert before eating lunch”. My brother just made a nervous laugh as I grabbed his hand and placed it on my wet bald pussy. I quickly spread my legs and began helping him massage my pussy with his fingers until eventually he was fingering me on his own. By this point we had to pull over so my brother drove off onto the side of the free way and we began our “desert” .

I unzipped his pants and began stroking his cock up and down with my hand. He was so turned on that he had pre cum running down his cock. I couldn’t resist his cum so  I decided to lick it all up. My tongue swirled all over his cock  and down his shaft down to his balls. My brother just sat there with his hand on my head as I began to swallow his giant cock down my throat.

His cock was so delicious especially when he cam deep into my tonsils. I enjoyed his milky sweet cum as I swallowed every last sperm. I wish I could say I had lunch but instead I got my holes fucked and filled by my best friend my brother.

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