Phone Chat Numbers and stupid Chelsea

Phone Chat Numbers He kept calling my phone chat numbers every hour. He would not stop I did a call with him many months ago and to my shock, he creeped me out which is very hard to do. I was ignoring him as much as possible but every day sixty times a day he would call me. And he would show up in my chat telling me to answer bitch. Then one day I got a text from this man to my personal cell phone number. How the fuck did he get my personal cell number? The text read ” I am outside bitch and you are all mine!” I quickly walked around and checked all my windows. I locked each one and my doors too. I did not see anything outside. As the day went on I calmed down and figured he was just fucking with me. I was still a little worried he had my cell number but I kinda forgot about it and went about my day. Later that night I fell asleep on the couch watching a movie and when I woke up there was this big shadow figure standing above me. At first, I thought I was just dreaming seeing things as I was waking up but all of sudden I felt a sharp pain in the side of my head and I was being yanked off my couch by my ankles. The blow to my head made me start to bleed and my vision was all fucked up I tried to speak and ask what was going on but nothing came out my mouth. I was dragged down my basement stairs and stripped naked and thrown onto my old kitchen table. I felt the cold steel of a sharp cold knife against my flesh. I guess I should not be such a cock tease to the ones that call my Phone chat lines.

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