Phone Chat Numbers Are For Submissive Sluts

phone chat numbersPhone chat numbers brought him to me, but his firm and strong words made me his slave. I could tell by the tone of his voice that he wanted to dominate me and unbeknownst to him that is exactly what I wanted him to do. I melted as he ordered me to retrieve my biggest dildo and deep throat it. My pussy got wet as he told me to go deeper until he heard me gagging and choking. My eyes watered and I did exactly as I was told. I didn’t want to stop but he told me to and I obeyed. Then he told me to put on heels and nothing else. Again, I followed his commands. Then I was to paddle my pussy with a ruler as I held the phone so he could hear it beating against my skin. My pussy stung but I was soaking wet. Then he had be pinch my nipples hard. Attaching a clip to each one. Although in pain I carried out his every desire. Nothing he asked was too much and I was under his complete control. I fucked myself with my dildo and then licked it clean before ramming into my ass. I again licked it clean. Then he wanted to hear my wet sloppy pussy as I brought myself to orgasm. It was so hot, and he was so controlling. I can’t wait for him to call my phone chat lines again.

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