Phone Chat Numbers Cum Guzzling

phone chat numbers

Does your cock crave a hot threesome with your wife and girlfriend. On my phone chat numbers you get just that! My caller wanted his very hot blonde wife and his sexy girlfriend to get together so he could fuck them both and give him the cum dump they deserved! Only he did not know that this cum guzzler and his wife had been fucking behind his back for a while. And not just with each other but a couple of guys we met down at the wild ones bar where she bartender. Yep, an out of the way bar that Bikers loved. We even went and bought a nice big black strap-on for those nights we wanted dick and would use it on each other’s hot wet pussies. 

Funny part of the story is that we didn’t know that her husband was fucking me until, we got drunk and had some lesbian sex in the bathroom. Both of us picked up this big tall man who wanted to fuck us senseless, we fucked him in the back of his pick up bed in the parking lot and were so high and drunk that she got an Uber to her house and we were going to crash there. As I went in she said the bathroom is down the hall, when I said I know…we looked at each other and busted out laughing! And that is not just a phone chat lines story, it really happened, she said well your the sexy blonde that’s been fucking my husband. I was scared at first but she took me and French kissed me so dee and said we should start fucking him together. 

When he walked in after his business trip and say me with my 9 inch dong on his jaw dropped. Don’t worry we sucked him off so good and gave him the red-light special up his ass and got his dick deep in us. You “up” for some sexy role plays with me? 

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