Waiting For You To Call My Phone Chat Numbers

Big Bouncy TitsYou’re sitting there, jacking off to my big bouncy tits. You’re at least thinking about cumming all over some pretty little face. You’re seeking some phone chat numbers, so you can pick a bitch and roleplay sticking your cock deep down her slutty little throat. I’m laying here, legs spread with two fingers deep inside my pussy.
My clit is ready and my nipples are little pebbles ready for your hot mouth. I need your hands on my body, my nails digging into your back. I would do absolutely anything for some crack rock to smoke, or a thick cock to choke on. I’m drug addict first, but whore in close second and I absolutely crave being used! I’ll suck your cock again and again until you can’t cum any more! But once you’ve recovered, I’ll help you blow your stack in a thousand new ways, and make a stack on Ben Franklins while I do it. What are you waiting for? Call my phone chat numbers, and give me a go!

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