Phone Chat Numbers for a Sexy Coed

phone chat numbersI discovered some phone chat numbers in my grandson’s cell phone. He is really young, but I guess he is trying to get off on the phone. He knows his granny is a phone sex slut. I honestly would give him all the dirty talk he wanted for free. Not like he has a credit or debit card any way. I got curious. So I Googled the numbers. I discovered the one he called the most belonged to Christa, this wicked hot teen slut. I could see why he liked her. Hell, I wanted to call her she was so hot, so I did.

After talking to Christa for a few minutes, I confessed that I had my own phone chat lines and that I had discovered that my grandson had been calling her. She knew exactly who I was and who he was. Turns out my horny grand boy has been calling her for grandma phone sex. He has her pretend to me. I guess he feels like if he calls a mature woman that is cheating on me! So he has been calling a barely legal coed for some kinky roleplays. Apparently he has gift cards he has been using.

I was shocked, but happy to know my grandson was horny for his sexy granny. I got Christa off on the phone and she did me too. I suggested we do a couples call soon with me and my grandson. The hot teen twat that was a wonderful idea! She loves family fun calls. Christa may have two regular callers in my household now.

phone chat lines

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