Phone chat numbers for discipline.

phone chat numbersBusted. That’s what you are, young man. I see you in my panty drawer again. I warned you the last time what would happen. I promised that your punishment would be strict and severe. Now drop those panties and bend over that bed. Since you want to wear panties, you don’t need those balls. How about if I spank them hard with a fly swatter? That’ll sting a bit but it won’t teach you a lesson. I have a better idea. I think I’ll rubber band them and let them fall off.  Oh, imagine the pain as they swell and turn purple and then black. You’ll be a girl for sure after that. Your little penis will shrivel up and you can wear panties all you want. We’ll call your asshole your pussy cause that’s where men are going to stick that big fat cock. Then you can wear all the panties you like.

This time, I’m just gonna bust that ass and leave some welts but next time you can count on becoming a girl. This mama doesn’t play games. She gives punishment out to bad little boys.

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