Daddy’s Bad Girl Must Be Spanked

Big bouncy titsYou love my big bouncy tits about as much as I do. I know once I wrap your dick up in these babies, you will be moaning in no time. You love your cock sliding back and forth between the pocket I form when I push them together. When your head peaks out the top, I put my lips around it, wetting the tip. It slides really nice then, not to mention I get to taste that yummy pre-cum that has started to ooze. I get so hot when you want to play daddy. I just love being Daddy’s good girl and making you happy. Unfortunately, I don’t always make Daddy happy. Sometimes I am a bad little girl and Daddy must discipline me. You turn me over your knee, strip my panties off my ass, and spank my little bare bottom. As your hand warms my cheeks, turning them pink, my pussy also warms and gets really wet. You notice the moisture and treat me like the little whore that I am. Shoving your big cock into my little hole, you teach me how to be a proper little slut. Oh yes Daddy, I have been a bad little girl. Are you ready to spank me?

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