Mature Phone Chat: What is Your Favorite Sexy Role Play

mature phone chatMature phone chat includes mommy chat. I love helping you boys work out your mommy issues. Most men who call a mature phone sex slut fantasize about mommy. Sadly, not all mothers are dirty mommies. Most are in their head, just not in reality. Phone sex allows you to role play all your hot older woman fantasies: mom, aunt, teacher, best friend’s mom… Sexy role plays allow you to explore those scenarios you played out a million times in your head to cheesy porn music with the hot older woman of your wet dreams.  Some of those scenarios are not just porn story lines either. I have lived a few of them. All my boys jacked off at one time or another so I could see them stroking their cocks.  All my boys stole my dirty panties and either sniffed them or jacked off in them. All of my boys listened to me masturbating in the bedroom with a toy. I reacted in the way YOUR mom was too afraid too. I helped them stroke their cocks. I let them smell my pussy instead of my panties. I let them watch me play with a sex toy while they stroked their cocks. If I was your mommy, we could do anything. I don’t hide from my true feelings.

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