Phone chat numbers for fathers day

phone chat numbers


Phone chat numbers are so fucking hot. I want you to call me up and hear me take you to places you can only dream. I want to show you why you must have me and why you must always return for more.

It’s late-night, and your wife is next to you, passed out. You’re rock hard and so into everything that your wife isn’t. There’s a big need to be fucked like never before. You’re sick and tired of the same shit. Living life working hard and being the best husband and father you can be. For what? So that you can be neglected and underappreciated. It’s time for you have the best Father’s day ever.

I’m usually a sissy trainer, but I make a damn great GFE princess. I want you to treat yourself like a king and make you feel like the man. It’s your day, and your offsprings can get lost. Your wife can be notified that you don’t want or crave her freebie sex day because it’s fathers day. Instead, you want to be seduced and fucked by a hottie.


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