Phone Chat Numbers For Sissy’s

phone chat linesPhone chat numbers is how some of my favorite sissy’s have found me. The phone rings and their little soft voices are on the other line. They try to be big boys, but I know what they want. The hesitation and excitement when I ask if they need some training. The high pitched almost like a little girl squeal when I ask them if they want to help me take care of a BBC. They can’t hide it no matter how hard they try. Of course, I encourage this silliness because it brings me great delight. I can almost see them on the other line, wearing nylon panties and rubbing their little clitties as I describe big thick cocks to them. If I am lucky enough, they have a suction cup dildo they can attach to the wall, and I can hear them fuck their pussies. They breath heavy, almost screaming as their little clitties explode. Always one for cleanliness I make them lick all of their cummies off their fingers so I can hear them enjoy their own cum. So, what do you say sissy? Give my phone chat lines a call and let me hear you fuck your pussy too.

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