Phone Chat Numbers For Submissives

Phone Chat Numbers
My phone chat numbers are the ones the submissives dial when they need to let go of reality for a while. I’m the Domme of their dreams; Beautiful, strong, stern. My voice is the rhythm of the waves and they all beg to drown in me.

Just last night I had one of my favorite callers – My little sub Derek. He’s got such a nice cock, but no Alpha bone in his body. I spent hours with him, edging him and taunting him all while controlling his cock with my jack off instructions. In the end, he tipped me an extra hundred as a bribe to let him cum, and I’ll be damned if I didn’t take it and work my sweet boy into a frenzy. He said his cock was throbbing, and leaking pre cum. He swore if he even breathed on it, he’d shoot his load.

But all my good boys know the punishment for cumming without permission! I make them edge for a week, four times a day, and then I edge them some more until they learn that I’m in control of their cum, their cock, and their pleasure.

Don’t you want to be a good boy too?
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