Phone chat Numbers SDH

phone chat numbers


Small dick humiliation 

When you call my phone chat numbers that is what you are liable to receive. I’m a bratty young bitch who already knows that big dick is best! What do I have for a small penis? Making fun of men with this unfortunate lack of growth.  That is very hot to me. Too make fun of something you can’t help. But without a dick you’re not a man. I don’t make the rules! I just get so excited when I get a man with a small little dick! Little penis men often have deep pockets for a little teasing whore like myself. I love cucking a white boy with a micro penis woth a big black cock. Can we go a little further and start dressing you to match your penis size? I mean my big toe is the same size as these nub having pathetic men sometimes! So, isn’t that due cause to be put in some sexy panties and paraded around like a tre sissy whore? We can add in butt plugs, chastity and dildo training 101! That would give you a little pleasure. But dont worry we will work you up slow. 


I will still humiliate you after sissification on the phone chat lines! 


That’s something I don’t skimp on. You should come to live and breathe the sissy world. A ripe little fairy who needs step by step instructions on being everything sissy slut! Now, this will take time and you will need more than one sissy lesson. Thus filling my Amazon shopping cart and giving my pussy pleasure from all the things I’m going to force you to do. Sissy lesson one, will be cream pie eating and pussy worship. It’s a dual lesson that might take up your early morning. 


With no respect, 

Your overnight Sissy Trainer Zoey

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