Phone Chat Numbers on Daddy’s call log

Phone Chat Numbers

I always knew I had a pervert Daddy. Daddy would purposely watch porn when we were home alone. I could hear him blasting it so I can go in an see what the ruckus was all about. Well, he got my attention as a youngin. I was impressed with his movie theatre screen. Daddy had a man cave way before they became a thing. His man cave was a full-size theatre. This was his playground. Not only did daddy have porn on he would have phone chat numbers by hand. My daddy was a pervert, and he loved sharing all his interest with his sweet, sassy girl. I would sit on his lap and watch in amazement all the fun the hot whores were having. It was no place for a tot, but then again we weren’t the average family. My daddy wasn’t a model citizen. We broke the rules and had fun pushing the envelope. Daddy showed me how my holes worked way before any guy could. 

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