Phone Chat Numbers Should Always Bring You Taboo Fun

phone chat numbersPhone chat numbers should always be a direct dial to the phone whore of your wet dreams. And they should always provide no taboo no limits phone sex talk. The internet is flooded with phone sex companies specializing in vanilla adult chat. I never understood why a man would pay good money to talk about PG-13, at the best R material. Not when you can talk to submissive whores like me. I am a submissive phone sex slut. That means I do whatever you want. Whatever you need.

Today, I was a filthy fuck whore for a phone daddy. I gathered up all sorts of items that he told me to get. The biggest dildo I could find (12 inch black one). A baseball bat. Large garden vegetables. Candles and a lighter. A fly swatter. Rope. And a small pocket knife. He had me fuck my ass in front of my window on my dining room table so my neighbor could see. I started off with the dildo. It was big so it stretched my ass out wide. Then I had to anally assault myself with the baseball bat. When he ordered me to fuck my cunt with  the squash while I ass fucked myself with the bat, I knew what was next. I had to eat the squash covered in my cunt juices as I continued to fuck my back door.

phone chat lines specialsI’m a subby fuck slut; I do as I am instructed no matter how painful or embarrassing. You cannot get that kind of treatment on all phone chat lines. As the call progressed, I had to hog tie my breasts and pour hot wax over my nipples. My neighbor was getting off watching me grimace in pain. When I started to slice my nipples for my phone daddy, my neighbor shot his load. After my call, I was nursing my wounds when there was a knock on the door. My neighbor forced himself inside and violated me with the very objects my phone master had me hurt myself with earlier. So sometimes I get lucky and I get abused by a caller and a neighbor. Not all phone sex numbers are created equally. Never settle for vanilla when you can have a dirty freak like me.

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