Phone Chat Numbers Give You Wet Wild Fun

Phone Chat Numbers

Pool Time! So that means it is time to go to the neighborhood pool and get my topless tan on. There is never a lot of people that come there, so I never have to worry about offending anyone. That was until this big group came into the pool. I recognized one of the guys, he calls my phone chat numbers all of the time. I think I remember telling him that this was my topless tan day, that was confirmed when he joined me at my side for some kinky wet fun.
I never deny a cock a good sucking especially when it is whipped out and shoved into my face. That is exactly what I did. I grabbed his yogurt slinger and started to stroke up the length of it sucking my luscious lips onto the tip. What do you know, I was quickly approached by his two friends. The stood next to me with their own dicks in their hands yanking them hard. I continued to suck onto my phone sex lines top patron, his breath was getting heavy and that was making me super wet.

I held out my arm reaching for one of the rockets to exchange in and out of my mouth. I still held one in both hands, stroking them as I licked over each one of their helmets. As I rolled into my back, their third friend dived into my pussy and began to ravage it with his tongue. I whimpered and my cunt began to swell up. He took that as his sign to shove his already stiff and hard cock into my soaking wet pussy. It felt so good as he shoved his vastness into me.
The other two got jealous and what was once cock in my pussy became a dick in my twat and one into my tight little rosebud. They rammed their cocks past one another stroking themselves into my fuck holes, making them theirs. It was no problem for me, I tried to whimper, but my throat was stuffed with a meaty cock in the back of it already. When the three of them were ready to cum I knelt down in front of them and they yanked their cockies all around me. They all grunted and groaned as they busted their nuts all over my face and in my mouth. They gave me a pool side facial that you couldn’t even get at the finest of spas.

Phone Chat Lines

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