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A master for this slutty SUBBY!! I will do anything you say! I want to be your next puppet. I am a nasty little whore who needs to be punished for being a bad girl. I love being tied up, spanked, pissed on and what ever else you can do to me I want you to do it. Or you don’t have to. You could punish me by not touching me at all. I want you to do what ever you order me to do. I am your subby. Your trash can.

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What ever you want. You are the master. I am your slave, your whore. I will sell my pussy for you and you can have me and my cunt filled with cum. I will fuck anyone and anything you want. Torture me, tease me, please tie me up. Hang me upside down, flip me around, tie me up or cuff me to the roof. Put me on display. Make me your slut!!

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