Phone Chat Lines; Let Your Inner Beast Free

Phone Chat Lines

The other day I ran into Miss Sophia, my old therapist. I had a lot to thank her for. If it was not for her I would never had been as sexually free as I am not with the phone chat lines. She taught me that sexual fantasies are more than okay, and that we should release our inner beast and take to the phone chat numbers for some hot sticky fun. Sophia was right, the best sexual therapist that I have ever met. Also, the only I suppose. I became the little goth killer I am today, bathing in the blood of the innocent with her encouragement. So when I ran into Sophia my thought turned to a reward.

phone chat numbers She invited me back to her place, it was like you could imagine it. Sophia was so fucking sexy, I could not wait long to shove my tongue down her throat and embrace her in a sexy kiss. I moaned as I moved my hand to take off her clothing. Propping her up onto her sexy pool table I licked Sophia’s slit. I suckled on her cunt getting it nice and juicy. In a true Sophia fashion she wanted to show me some moves. Shoving my ass onto the pool table so that she could fuck me with “the beast” that was what she called her big dildo. We came holding onto each other’s legs and scissoring on the table. Sophia had me lick her cunt clean. She was still a sexy as bitch.

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