Phone Chat Numbers Submissive

I am a phone chat numbers milf who finds it fulfilling to submit to a strong man with a thick cock. I get so slippery wet at the thought of a powerful Master taking control and using me for his personal bondage sex toy. You’re my strong, dominant man and I’ll do anything to please you. I’ll strive to make you feel like you are the only man in the world. I am hungry to worship you in every way! A sub slut  who wants  to worship the earth you walk on before pleading with you to allow me to worship your cock as well. My tight pussy and ass only seek to please. Control me until my whore holes are tender and can’t take any more and take more as you have the upper hand. And if there’s days I get out of line I know you will call the submissive whore phone chat lines and dominate and punish as only you can! 

phone chat numbers

I am your pain slut with plenty of experience. 

Cum on big boy, snatch me by the air and force my hands behind my back and bind me up tight! It’s now time to smack my ass and grab my pussy tight while you bite my neck. There are no limits to the ways you can use me. Skull fuck me next holding my hair and make me gag as you shove that big dominator dick down my esophagus. I am a hardcore pain submissive who needs no training but can take all your sadistic punishments. Spank me hard with whatever you can find and discipline a milf sub slut such as myself. Make my pussy throb as it does when right man is dominating me. This sweet  ass will always be willing for your cock! I love begging on my knees during Spanking phone sex. There’s nothing more I love to do than having to beg and moan for your whelps!

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