phone chat numbers to party

phone chat numbers

I’m horny as fuck. You want phone chat numbers on deck to party. Im on all kinds of drugs from 2c to blow and weed brain. I’m the girl your mama warned you about and told you not to go near. It’s her fear for you to never get sucked in but look my rear. I can’t stop, so let’s cheer and show you how exciting it is to drink that clear alcohol. Chugging it down and fucking all night long. It’s the best feeling taking over. There’s nothing ever better. Aren’t you glad you met her? Close your eyes and see the world 3 d. Feed me all the drugs and lean. I’m in love with the colorful things in life. Hot pink and lemonade lean make me want to fuck every guy, girl, and anything in between. Pull down my jean skirt and fuck me as you mean it, sir. I want to wake up, and all of it be a blur. A ton of cum inside of her. Is it going to be a breeding machine or a lean machine? I’m the queen of everything. I can’t wait for the next drug-fueled party thang.

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