Phone Chat Numbers Will Make Your Christmas Merry

Phone Chat Numbers

What can make your Christmas Merry and Bright … Phone Chat Numbers!  Especially mine!  This time of year is hard for me as all of my family is across the country and I spend the Holidays alone.  It can be pretty depressing if you do not fill your Holidays with something to keep your mind occupied.  The first thing I do is watch a lot of porn.  Why? Because there are no stupid Christmas commercials in porn, or at least I hope not.

Last year I did a whole Porn viewing at my house.  Some of my friends who have no family came over to my place, we had a nice dinner, had drinks, then watched porn.  There were a few that didn’t want to watch any, but I told them that they could leave because the rest of us did.  Oh, and just to make it clear, we did not have a Christmas dinner, we had just a nice Non-Christmas dinner.  I had no tree, or anything Christmasy, and nobody wore those damn sweaters.

We all poured our drinks then went downstairs to where my big TV is and we were off!  At first we were making fun of the dialog.  Lets face it, porn dialog isn’t that amazing.  It is actually bad. However, that is not why you watch porn.  In a little bit everyone started to get quiet.  The porn was having an effect on all of us.  I caught myself wiggling around.  There were a few couples there and they left, rather quickly. lol  The rest of us stayed and watched a lot more. 

When it was time for all to leave, I got ready for bed then remembered that the neighbor on the left of me was a single guy and I knew he was home.  I almost ran over there, as soon as he opened the door I rushed him and kissed him deeply.  He tried to talk but I just told him to shut up.  We barely made it out of the foyer and we were fucking. 

I hope that you have a fabulous Christmas, because I know I will.

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