School Misconduct

Phone Chat NumbersPhone chat numbers to connect with a whore like me are the best. Listen to my latest adventure. I was caught giving a blow job once again. My coach was angry to see that I was being such a slut. Coach Meyers is an old hag that has never experienced a real orgasm she hates sluts like me who get to be fucked and get to experience orgasmic fuck sessions. Too sad too bad bitch. You think by trying to stop my blow session you will prevent me from being a slut? Ha, think again. So the fuck what you yell and stomp and tell me to stop sucking. Look you, raggedy bitch, I am not going to stop sucking. I am leached on this dick till the cream is down my throat. Once I got my milky jizz, I rolled my eyes and listened to you “attempt” to reprimand me. You send me to the principles office thinking I will be expelled indefinitely. Oh, Coach see the principle has a dick to you know  😉

Don’t try to rain on my parade honey. Tempest always comes up on top! Many have tried to ruin my fun adventures, but they have all failed. I like spontaneous fuck sessions random blowjobs. Plenty of ass pounds and some good kinky phone sex. 😉

Kinky phone sex

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