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School Misconduct

Phone Chat NumbersPhone chat numbers to connect with a whore like me are the best. Listen to my latest adventure. I was caught giving a blow job once again. My coach was angry to see that I was being such a slut. Coach Meyers is an old hag that has never experienced a real orgasm she hates sluts like me who get to be fucked and get to experience orgasmic fuck sessions. Too sad too bad bitch. You think by trying to stop my blow session you will prevent me from being a slut? Ha, think again. So the fuck what you yell and stomp and tell me to stop sucking. Look you, raggedy bitch, I am not going to stop sucking. I am leached on this dick till the cream is down my throat. Once I got my milky jizz, I rolled my eyes and listened to you “attempt” to reprimand me. You send me to the principles office thinking I will be expelled indefinitely. Oh, Coach see the principle has a dick to you know  😉

Don’t try to rain on my parade honey. Tempest always comes up on top! Many have tried to ruin my fun adventures, but they have all failed. I like spontaneous fuck sessions random blowjobs. Plenty of ass pounds and some good kinky phone sex. 😉

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Tempting Teen Tempest


Anal Cougar

phone chat numbers farahI love anal sex. I really always have enjoyed a cock up my backdoor. I don’t know why so many women won’t give up the ass. Every guy I have ever fucked, has gone crazy when I tell them they can fuck me in the butt. All the college boys love an anal cougar. I got the urge for an anal gang bang the other night. For a girl who loves hot ass sex, I have never had an anal gang bang. I put on a slutty little black dress and went trolling on the local college campus. One of the frat houses was having a keg party and invited me in for beer pong. I had no clue what that was, but I was down to learn if it got me in the door. Turns out I suck at beer pong. I got wasted quickly. But that was not a bad thing. When I am drunk, I have no sensor. I told those college boys to bend me over and fuck my ass. They didn’t hesitate and lined up with their cocks out. I got my anal gang bang. Woke up the next day with a hangover and cum leaking out of my ass. I wish I was in college again.

Anal Whore Farah


Panties Boy

phone chat numbers jadynOmg, can’t I tell you all a little secret? I’ve got a boyfriend. He’s so super sweet to me… he buys all my panties. He loves all my juices on the crotch when he gets them in the mail and calls me. He loves to smell my cunt dripping wet all states away and knowing it was all for him. He even buys me things, gifts cards, dinner… the list can go on. He adores me as much as I adore him but I am not going to say no to more boyfriends if the opportunity presented itself and I had another guy that wanted hot pics of me and to talk to me as they jerk their cock to my panties. Mmm. Do you know what my favorite thing is? When he jerks his cock and then cums right on my panties, the panties I sent him.

Teen Whore Jayden


Cock sucking mommy

phone chat numbers  lenoraI love my sweethearts they have been being so good lately I decided to reward them with a “mommy and me” day. I took them swimming where we played with one another in the pool. We were all naked and admiring each others bodies. I could see how hard they were getting seeing their mommies big tits floating in the water. Seeing their hard cocks made my pussy so soaking wet. I grabbed them closer to my chest, pressing them up against my hard nipples. We then got out of the pool and I began to put their cocks in my mouth one at a time. I sucked them deep into the back of my throat. Their pre cum was to die for! I then put all of their cocks in my mouth at the same time. I sucked their cocks until they exploded in my mouth, letting all of their yumminess run down my throat and into my tummy!

Cock Sucking Mommy Lenora


Thanksgiving Plans

phone chat numbers melindaThe girls and I have been talking about what we will do for the up cumming holiday. We know that we are inviting a bunch of men that love to play for Thanksgiving dinner, and that we want to incorporate many games that will tie in to the day’s theme. Of course I will be preparing dinner, so while I am stuffing the turkey, they will be stuffing my little cunnies. Our gravy will need some special sauce to make our meal perfect so they will have to give us that special ingredient. The girls will have to supply some cream to make our mashed potatoes extra creamy and sweet. The men will have to milk them and make sure we have enough cream just like the girls will have to milk the men and make sure we have enough special sauce. It is going to be a feast that is fitting for a king and enough to satisfy all the kinky desires that we all have. There isn’t one taboo or one thing that will be off limits for out holiday celebration. If your lucky enough to join us, you won’t be disappointed, that is for sure. Especially if you love fresh young creampie as your Thanksgiving dessert!

Naughty Mommy Melinda


Teen Cock Tease

phone chat numbers shylaI love being a teen slut! I am always invited to the coolest parties! I always have a date on the weekends! Boys in school would do anything to be with me. But it isn’t the “boys” I want. I want the older men! The ones with a job and a car and the wives that don’t appreciate them! I appreciate you baby! I certainly appreciate you when you are stuffing my tight honey pot with the huge meat stick!
I love that hungry look you get when you are watching me walk by your car as I intentionally swish this little cheerleader skirt….back and forth….barely grazing my tiny soft tight teen ass…lifting almost high enough for you to see my pretty lace thong!
I know you want to rub that huge cock between these warm ass cheeks!
I see you watching me! I have done everything I can to get your attention…everything except just jumping right on that fuck stick! The rest is up to you. I know you want me!

Teen Slut Shyla


I can’t wait for school!

phone chat numbers belindaI have taken on a part time job as a substitute teacher and I could NOT be more excited! The new school year is approaching quickly and I am more than ready for the fresh meat that will be entering my classroom! These brats have no clue what is in store for them this school year! I took all summer to plan accordingly; the boys are going to be cumming even before I take them to the lil boy’s room! I’ve got my outfit’s all planned out, I’ve MUST have them drooling over me. All their biggest fantasies finally coming true! Oh they have no idea that their boyish fantasy is about to get even better… but only for one little lucky boy. I am going to make him a man! Is it not every boy’s biggest dream to fuck their super hot teacher? We all know that practically every male out there has always had that teacher that they just wanted to fuck so bad…but unfortunately they never got the chance! So many skanky teachers out there always teasing their poor students but never having the balls to act on it…but not me! I always have plenty of teacher’s pets throughout the entire school year! And now all I have to do is decide who is going to be the first one of the new school year! I will probably switch it up this year, get the loser of the group, the one that no one talks to. I’ll make his year all better simply by shoving my titties in his pimply face! I know once I take his little v-card his popularity status will push him to the top, he’ll be telling everyone how he ate my wet pussy out and how I rode his little cock in the utility closest after school last week! All the guys will want to be him, and I’ll make sure they see me winking at him during class. After that literally every boy will be following me around the hallways and asking to stay after school with help with their homework! All the while I’ll continue to bend over showing them all that this teacher NEVER wears any panties!

Nayghty Teacher Belinda