Anal Cougar

phone chat numbers farahI love anal sex. I really always have enjoyed a cock up my backdoor. I don’t know why so many women won’t give up the ass. Every guy I have ever fucked, has gone crazy when I tell them they can fuck me in the butt. All the college boys love an anal cougar. I got the urge for an anal gang bang the other night. For a girl who loves hot ass sex, I have never had an anal gang bang. I put on a slutty little black dress and went trolling on the local college campus. One of the frat houses was having a keg party and invited me in for beer pong. I had no clue what that was, but I was down to learn if it got me in the door. Turns out I suck at beer pong. I got wasted quickly. But that was not a bad thing. When I am drunk, I have no sensor. I told those college boys to bend me over and fuck my ass. They didn’t hesitate and lined up with their cocks out. I got my anal gang bang. Woke up the next day with a hangover and cum leaking out of my ass. I wish I was in college again.

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