Scissor sluts

phone chat linesI got in a sticky situation. I ended up fucking my bosses wife. It was so fast and sudden. It was a night he was out late at the office. The tots were fast asleep and it was only her and I. She was tipsy and horny. I could tell she was liking the view. She rubbed up against me and wanted to play with me. I knew she would probably feel guilty in the morning and may even shower with some gifts so I didn’t stop her. I wanted her to shower me with gifts so I was down to play her game. I even brought over my array of toys and began to put a strap on her so I could get off on the strap on. She was cumming non stop and enjoying everything I was doing to her body. She had never been with a girl before. I on the other hand had been with plenty and wasn’t shy about it. I gave her the best orgasm ever.

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