Sissy Training with a Tramp

phone chat linesI’m a white trash whore, the kind you don’t take home to mama. I’m dirty and skanky and I’ll fuck anyone for a buck. Call my phone chat lines and let’s talk. I do those things that the other girls won’t. You know, I’m a regular human outhouse. Normal men won’t touch me with someone else’s dick. Sissies are another story. They want a filthy mommy to help them. They want to be just like me, a cum dumpster who loves cock and can never get enough. My sissy training consists of dress-up, cocksucking lessons, and real life experience at the local truckstop. Truckers love little sissies with their frilly panties and tight little boy-pussies that beg to be fucked. Do you need my expertise to help you become the slutty girl of your dreams?

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