Daddy’s Christmas Present

2 girl phone sexI got something very special for Christmas for my Daddy! He told me he wanted me to think long and hard about what Daddy would like best, he told me it better be nice and sweet too. I know Daddy well enough to know he wasn’t talking about candy, I knew just what to get him. A nice young thing for Daddy to get all his rape fantasies out on, make her his little Christmas sex slave. That’s why I picked little Leslie. That tiny little slut is just begging to be wrapped up and fucked. I think that’s going to be the best present I ever got Daddy! She looked so cute and innocent, I she looked like she was barely legal age when I picked her up in her little school girl uniform. She was so trusting, hoped right in and was ready to be my best friend. Oh silly little girl! She was soon going to feel the ropes against her soft tiny wrists and the stretching out of her unwilling pussy as my Daddy forced his way in there trying to get every last inch in. It’s so hard to do though cuz for such a tiny thing her pussy is incredibly tight. And from the blood on his dick it looks like she was a little virgin too! Mmm, I can’t wait till Daddy finishes inside her cunny then forces her to suck his cock clean. Merry Christmas to me and my Daddy! Hehe!

two girl phone sex

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