The Birth Of A Sissy

phone chat numbers darlaWhen I found out I was pregnant I was over the moon happy. I knew I was going to have a sweet little girl to play with like my Daddy played with me. To dress up and take shopping. I also couldn’t wait to find out what it was like to have tits full of milk and a dick shoved in my pussy when my body was plump and ripe. It seemed like my pussy was always wet and I always wanted dick, I couldn’t get enough! I went out and bought all the things I needed for a little girl, painted the nursery a pretty pink with lots of frills and bows. I had a beautiful name picked out, Hailey! And then it happened. The doctor pulled him out of me and said “You have a healthy little boy” My heart sank. I took him home and had nothing but girl things for him so that is what he wore. We went out for the first time and people started ooing and aahhing over my pretty little girl and when a man showed him attention it reminded me of the days that Daddy paid attention to me and I creamed my panties. Soon a sissy was born and Harley became Hailey here at home. She makes my pussy just as wet as Daddy used to. It was perfect and natural and has never changed. Hailey is a beautiful young sissy now and she loves pleasing mommy and being mommy’s little girl! As devastated as I was in the beginning, it all worked out and she is perfect just the way she is!

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