Slutty Mommy Phone Chat Numbers

phone chat numbers

Are you looking for a hot cougar slut to have some fun with? Then you should dial my phone chat numbers and call me up! I LOVE fucking younger guys and I have so many steamy stories to tell you! It gets me so wet to talk about all the nasty young men I’ve fucked over the years. I have quite a reputation in my town of being the town MILF. Young boys love me, women and girls hate me. I can’t help it if I’m hotter and better in bed than they are! If they did a better job at taking care of their sons and boyfriends, then maybe I wouldn’t have to do it. Not that I mind sucking and fucking all those teenage boys. My God, it’s like their cocks are perpetually hard and they can fuck you for hours on end. And if I want more than one at a time, I can have that. They always tell their friends about what a good slut I am. That’s how I got my reputation – word of mouth from teen boys. Do you wanna hear more? Or maybe you have a cougar fantasy of your own. Just get your phone and give me a ring!

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