Sniff my nasty panties.

phone chat numbers I know how much daddy loves the smell of my used panties. So I wore mine all weekend. The little cotton crotch was almost stiff with pussy juice and dried cum. I put them to my nose so I could smell myself. There was a faint hint of urine and I could see just a smudge of shit where I didn’t clean my asshole very good. Or maybe daddy had just fucked my booty hole too hard and it leaked a little cum and poop. Anyway, I was sitting on the toilet taking a pee and kicked my undies off unto the floor. I knew this would get daddys attention. I giggled as I imagined him with my panties on his head, sniffing my secret smell. His hand would be on his cock as he licked them. And being the good little daughter I am, I’d be waiting in my bedroom with no panties on under my nighty. I knew my daddy would be coming in for a little goodnight kiss. I’m such a naughty girl. Wouldn’t you love a pair of my dirty panties for your very own? Just ask. I’ll send you a nice crusty, gooey pair. Mmmm. They smell so good. Please fill them with your cum, daddy.

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