Special Delivery

grandma phone sexJust another Sunday morning I thought…making breakfast with all the grands. Those little faces so bright face and eager first thing in the morning…all of us wearing little to no clothes. I was slaving away in the kitchen when there was a knock at the door. The oldest yelled “Package!” and I went to sign for it. There was this really cute guy with my package. I made him come in and put it on the counter. That’s when he noticed we were half dressed and his package started to grow! I knew this morning was going to get even better…I was more than ready to start playing with him and my little ones. They were already undressed and ready for some action…ready to take care of my pussy and our new friends new package. It was a big one! He was ready, ready to slide a cock into my wet pussy then into one of my favorites cunts that was clearly the tightest he’s ever had…watching that was enough to make me cum!

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