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Roleplaying Porn Gets a School Girl Surprise Guest!

phone chat lines harperSomething about being a bad ass roeplaying porn slut makes my sadistic cunt nice and wet. Not only would I have someone filming every step of my little adventure, but when done I could keep the tape for myself and sell it to all of my loyal fans. This time I was approached my a creepy horny film director. I looked nice and innocent that day so I knew he had nothing but dirty thoughts on his mind. I told him that I was still in high school and he said I would be perfect to model for his school girl photo shoot. It was outdoors at a private beach near the water. True to what his character was he sure enough asked me to peel off more and more layers claiming they would sell better and get me more exposure. Then taking his camera and pressed record the he offered me his cock. I told him I was a virgin and pretended like I had never done anything like that before. HE assured me it was easy and told me to open my mouth wide. This is where it got really exciting. I chomped down hard onto his cock and began sinking my teeth into the head of it ripping my head back and forth. When he went to punch me off I grabbed the stun gun from under the blanket. Letting go of his cock I sent a string jolt of electricity into his balls. He yelped and fell to the ground flopping like a pathetic fish. Some mad just can not handle a chick as ecstatic as I am. Too bad!

Porn Slut Harper