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Hot Teen Sex Story

teen sex storyDo you want to hear a hot teen sex story? At the gym today, after my workout, I hit the shower. The shower is open, like a school gym shower. I was soaping up my hot teen slut body, when this smoking hot MILF joined me. I was trying not to let her see that I was scoping out her hot body, but she busted me. She wasn’t mad, but flattered. She came right up to me, took the loofah out of my hand and washed my body for me. I felt weak. She leaned in to me so her big breasts touched mine. I felt like a locker room Lolita. She slowly pushed me against the wall. Her long strong fingers found my baby girl pussy. She started fingering my cunt with one hand, while she washed my boobs with the loofah. I was so turned on. I heard porn music in my head. I even wondered if this was just a hot morning wet dream. Then I squirted all over her fingers and realized I was wide awake. Some more ladies came into the locker room, but my hot yoga mom was gone in an instant. I was trembling with delight. I stood under the hot shower regaining my composure before I got out of the shower. As I was blow drying my hair, I saw my sexy MILF in the window getting ready to exit the locker room. She blew me a kiss and vanished. I think I may have to work out every morning.

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