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Phone chat lines

Phone chat lines Phone chat lines I got a very unusual call from a woman on my Phone chat lines. Women never call me only men. Sometimes they have women with them to help in their devious wicked plans for me but that is as far as it goes. Well, this woman’s name was Jezabel. Yeah, I didn’t believe that was her real name either but I went along with it. She went on to say she is always helping men with stupid sluts but never once on her own. She liked my pictures and the fact that I describe myself as a pain slut really turned her on. I have never submitted to just a woman alone. There has always been an alpha man there calling all the shots and the chick acting out what she was told to do. But Jezabel wanted to be alpha and have me all to herself. I was intrigued to see if she could pull it off. Be as nasty and degrading as a man without a man’s presence giving all the orders. I agreed to meet her at an address that she provided. It was a cabin out in the middle of nowhere. Like something you would see in a horror film where you are yelling at the screen for the stupid bitch not to get out of the car. Giggles, I am that stupid bitch I not only got out of the car I leaped out I was getting more excited by the minute. The door had a note on it saying only “Come in if you are positive it is what you want to do.” I put my hand to the knob and for a split second, I did hesitate but quickly overcame it and turned the knob. I slowly opened the door seeing it was pitch black inside. Before my eyes could adjust to what I was seeing I felt something big, hard, and solid hit me dead center in the stomach. I doubled over in pain and I couldn’t catch my breath. The lights still out I was kicked several times in my stomach, face, and cunt and I still couldn’t see jack shit. Any doubts I had of Jezabel’s ability to be just as brutal as a man was out the window. Not only did this girl have it down. She had it going on better than most fucking men. Lucky for me Jezabel ended up coming to working here and she uses me often. We both dig it when our Phone Chat Numbers start ringing for both of us to play with one of our kinky clients. She loves to dominate me and humiliate me with the clients.