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Live Phone Chat Whore By Night, Dirty Public Fucker by Day

live phone chat slutLive phone chat sluts are often exhibitionists. I love to flaunt my body. I have nice big tits and a hot round ass, so why not show them off right? Some young boys were setting off fireworks in the alley in broad daylight, scaring my pups. I went to go see what was going on and ask them to wait until the weekend. They were scrawny, pimply faced, virgins. Not what I was expecting for the ghetto. I asked them to stop, but the nerdy white boys gave me sass. “Shows us your tits MILF,” one said. I’m not the kind of woman to be offended by that kind of bravado.

“Show me your dick,” geek, I retorted. All four of them dropped their trousers. Too my surprise, they were well hung. Never saw that one coming. I went from annoyed to aroused in 30 seconds. I was in a public alley. The warehouse to the left had folks loading and unloading pallets of stuff. To the right was the back of a restaurant with steady traffic. I thought to myself, if I ambush these virgins like a sex starved cougar, plenty of folks will see. Then I said what the fuck. I took off my top, pulled off my skirt and pounced on a couch by the dumpster and said “How about some fireworks in my cunt, boys.”

phone chat numbers MILFThey were fighting over each other to get to me first. Sometimes big cocks are in the most unlikely packages. I fucked all four of them on a dirty alley couch, in front of all sorts of people. Those young studs had nice cocks, but sadly, they had zero lasting power. I was frustrated, until I looked up and a few older guys were waiting in line with their cocks out. One said, “Is it time for the men now?” Hell yes. I got tag teamed by some men who could control their cocks better. I do like young cock, but with age comes staying power and skills to make this cougar cunt squirt.

I hope no one dumpster dives for that couch! It has lots of DNA on it now. Hell, probably already did.

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