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phone chat linesI was skipping down the sidewalk listening to my Ipod , grooving to the best teen phone chat lines station, when I saw him looking at me. He said, “Hey, little girl. Why don’t you come visit your neighbor.” I walked over to him and he was checking me out. I was wearing my favorite school girl skirt with a short tee and sandals. He was holding a beer and somehow managed to trip, spilling it on me. “Oh great. I can’t go home smelling like this.” He invited me in and brought me a man size t shirt that went to my knees. “Take off your clothes and let me wash them.” he ordered. I did as I was told like a good girl.

“Come sit beside me and watch TV while your clothes are in the dryer.” he smiled. He reminded me of my own Daddy. We were joking and having a good time when he turned serious. “Are you a virgin, Jenny?” “Of course.”  I lied, not wanting to tell him about me and Daddy. He reached for me, pulling me close and kissing me. I felt his hand move to cup one of my tiny teen tits. He was mumbling about how beautiful I was. I admit I was curious as I had never been with anyone but Daddy. I felt his hand slide up under my shirt. I reached over and unzipped his fly. I had to see his cock. It was large with a mushroom head, so different than my dad. He stroked my hair and urged me to suck it. He was sweet and salty. I licked his balls and loved how vocal he was. I swirled my tongue around the head making him gasp. He didn’t last long. His hips arched as he pumped a load of man cream right into my hot little mouth. I smiled and swallowed it all down. The dryer buzzed right then and he left to get my clothes. Before I left, he pressed $50 into my hand. “Thank you for making an old man happy.” he smiled. “Oh, I’ll be back. I have a lot left to learn.” And that money sure made it sweet.  I guess that makes me a dirty little whore.

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