Tongued his bumhole


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My co-worker Haley and I were on the verge of losing our jobs. We were both so frantic, and we both needed our jobs. We were caught doing a lot of blow by one of the assistants. The dumb cunt told on us and we were both told we were not going to have an extended contract. Time was ticking, and we were nervous wrecks. Haley and I brainstormed so many ideas. Our boss Bruce isn’t someone we could pull the wool over his eyes. We knew it was going to be a lot harder than what we expected.

We both decided it was worth a shot. We both went over to his house. We knew his schedule and knew his wife was off in the UK for vacation without him. Bruce was going to have the house to himself. We were dressed like hot hookers. We both had a beautiful big trench coat and high stilettos. I had ruby red lipstick and Haley had a barbie pink color. We looked fuckable as hell. We knew no straight guy could pass us down.

We knocked on the door. Bruce answered and wanted to know what in the world were we doing there. We practically begged him to let us in for a bit. He was reluctant but finally agreed. It was cold out after all. We both went at him like tigers. We were going to get him so weak and fuck for our jobs backs. We got him right where we wanted. All it took was a hot outfit and some cock teasing. It was like one of those phone chat lines where you live out a hot fantasy. This was just that. We thought we were done but we weren’t after he came he wanted a second round. We had no Idea what he wanted. Then he made it clear he wanted both of us to tongue his asshole for our jobs back. We were licking and tonguing him for what felt like an eternity. It was worth it, not only did we get our jobs back we got a nice promotion and raise yey us. Haley and Hazel stepping up. We agreed to do blow and blowjobs more discreetly.


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