Top Phone Chat Lines

phone chat linesNot every woman can brag that she works for one of the top phone chat lines around.  I can. I have years of experience in the adult industry. That provides me with an open mind and creativity. I have a nothing shocks me or disgusts me attitude. All the girls that work at this company deliver great phone sex at affordable rates, but I have more than just phone sex experience. I have been a street hooker. I spent a decade in the porn world. I have been a sexy stripper too.  Combine that experience with my family experience, and you will want to save my phone sex numbers. I have 6 sons and daughters, all brought up by daddy and me in the family way. That is why my chat lines are no taboo. I do not judge because my life is not exactly full of stories, I can tell just anyone. Many of my experiences would land me or someone else in jail. But I know I can trust you with some of my dirty secrets. Last year, I got custody of my stepdaughter’s angels. I am the only quasi family she has left. She got busted on her third drug offense, and this time the judge through the book at her. I could let her angels be split apart in the foster care system, or I could take them. They are with me now, but they must earn their keep. Since they are sweet young things still in school, all they can do is please daddy types for money. I have a home brothel. Sex sells. Jail bait sex sells better. I rent them out several times a week and in exchange they get to live in a nice house, go to a nice school, have things other schoolboys and girls have too. They have learned to love being pimped out. It is easy to get manipulate little sluts with money and things. We all would like to live a filthy rich lifestyle. Trust me, I put the filthy in rich too.

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